To build a respected world-class company.
To be dedicated to the supply of T&D equipment & service of quality, safety and reliability by leading innovations for the benefits of human society.
Commitment, Initiative, Work-OutTM, Excellence.
Customers in My Mind,Quality in My Hands, Win-Win-Win Cooperation.


一、我司唯一合法字号为“火狐体育app有限公司”,任何具 有地名或其他前缀的所谓“顺特电气”均与我司无任何关系。
二、除位于 广东省佛山市顺德区的“火狐体育app有限公司”所生产的产品外,任何其 他产品均与我司无关,我司不承担任何责任。
三、对侵犯 我司合法权益的企业、个人及产品,我司将 通过法律途径维权及追责!